Fire Department

21 full-time employees and 15 volunteers (full capacity)
3 stations operating 24 hours a day
11 pieces of motorized equipment.

Police Department

42 Commissioned Officers and 10 civilian staff
1 station
26 pieces of motorized equipment.

Sheriff’s Department

23 corrections personnel
15 officers, 10 reserve officers, 7 clerical workers

Building & Zoning

City of Liberal Planning & Zoning

Water (municipal)

Supply – 15 deep wells
Usage – up tp 10,000,000 gallons per day
Storage capacity – 4,250,000 gallons

Sewage Disposal (municipal)

Method – activated sludge
Load – 3.72 million gallons per day
Capacity – 8.91 million gallons per day

Electricity (private)

Southern Pioneer Electric

Natural Gas (private)

Black Hills Energy


Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport

SkyWest (Airline)

Lyddon Aero Center

(Fixed Base Operator) provides aircraft maintenance, aviation fuel, charter service, civilian aircraft flight instruction and hangar rental.


Union Pacific Mainline

Industrial Parks

Airport Industrial Park – 500 acres (municipal, full service)

Liberal Industrial Park – 150 acres (municipal, full service)
Mid-America Development – 125 acres (privately owned)
Lowery Addition – 27 acres (privately owned)